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Quality research does not have to be expensive. ChemPMC’s lean structure and low costs allows us to provide affordable consulting services for the petrochemical industry.

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Whether you want to analyze the feasibility of a petrochemical investment, would like to gain a better understanding of a polymer or chemical market, need to understand the factors that drive your product prices, or improve your company’s strategy, ChemPMC is here to help.

We offer bespoke consulting services, that can help you answer these and many other questions. Our network of experts, with over 30 years of industry experience in energy markets, petrochemical feedstocks & polymers technology, prices, logistics, and supply/demand, is here to help you navigate the complexities of this industry and help you succeed.


From feasibility to market studies, we have helped NOCs, petrochemical producers, traders, and financial investors solve key questions in their quest to invest in petrochemical production, market petrochemical products, analyze their cost competitivity and understand their competitive position in the market.

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Free Report: What Drives Polymer Prices?

Gain a better understanding of the polymer business and prepare for the next round of volatility that will inevitably impact the polymer industry in the future.

Polymers (also known as plastics) are one of humanity’s most important materials. These products touch almost every aspect of our lives. The computer you may be using to read this article, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the home you live in and the food you eat, are all are made of, have components that are made of, or are protected by packages that are made with… Yes, you guessed it, plastics.
However, the market dynamics of these ubiquitous materials are extremely hard to understand.  Why are polymer prices so volatile? What drives the rapid increases or reductions in prices? What can you do to understand those dynamics?
This report, based on ChemPMC’s Commodity Polymers Training Program, reviews the key drivers that impact the evolution of polymer prices and analyzes what dynamics have impacted prices during the initial months of the COVID pandemic.