Polymer Sourcing and Distribution Conference – Opportunities in Latin American Markets

Last week ChemPMC participated in the Polymer Sourcing and Distribution Conference in Pittsburgh, where we made a presentation highlighting the opportunities for polymer trading in the Latin American market. The presentation discussed how the Latin American attractiveness is impacted by fragmentation and the current economic deceleration. Additionally, it discussed how regional capacity is stagnant, with expansions in the U.S. discouraging investments in gas-based project. Mexico, Central America and South America’s Pacific Coast were found to be the largest and fastest opportunities for trade growth.  From a polymer standpoint, polyethylene is one the key component of the polymer deficit in the region, but investments in Mexico will drag down its growth. Polypropylene’s cost competitiveness and lack of investments is expected to fuel its trade deficit growth. PVC net imports are expected to be negatively impacted by the poor economic prospects in Brasil. You can access the presentation through the following link: Polymer Markets in Latin America We will be participating in the Latin American Petrochemical Association (APLA) meeting in Buenos Aires; send us a note if you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss this or other subjects of interest.

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