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ChemPMC was founded in October 2015.  As consolidation of the petrochemical consulting industry accelerated in recent years, the need for independent thought and accessible experts has expanded. This is the space that ChemPMC has come to fill.

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Working with ChemPMC gives you direct access to the expert in charge of your project. No filters. No confusion on how to get answers to your questions. We are always an email or phone call away.

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We understand that one-size-fits-all solutions do not always work.  Our promise: we will partner with you, strive to understand your objectives, and develop the content and solutions that meet your specific needs.

Access to a Network of Experts

ChemPMC collaborates with a network of North American, Latin American, and European petrochemical consultants, with an average experience of 30 years in the industry. These professionals, that combine experience as manager of petrochemical companies and as consultants, bring expertise in areas such as Energy Markets, Petrochemical Feedstocks, Polymers, Technology Consulting, Prices, Logistics and Supply and Demand Analysis.

Esteban Sagel

Esteban is the Principal and CEO of ChemPMC. His career has included positions at chemical producers, consumer product companies, plastic processing equipment producers, and petrochemical consulting firms. As principal of ChemPMC, Esteban has helped companies gain a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of supply, demand, production, and trade forecasting, as well as of the raw materials, production technologies, prices and global dynamics of the polyethylene and polypropylene value chains.

He has also led several bespoke studies for clients in the Americas, analyzing diverse themes such as raw material pricing practices, petrochemical investment due diligence and commodity market studies, and has been engaged as a polyolefins market expert in consulting projects as well as litigation cases.

Esteban has been a featured speaker at industry events organized by AMI, the Instituto Petroquímico Argentino, the Asociación Nacional de Industrias Plásticas de México, the Flexible Packaging Association, Plastic News and Platts. He has published articles covering market dynamics for commodity polymers in publications such as the Journal of Blow Molding, The Catalyst Review, La Revista del Gas Natural and Hydrocarbon Processing. Esteban, who holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the Institut Químic de Sarriá (Barcelona, Spain) and an MBA from Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business (Houston, Texas).


MaxiQuim is the largest Brazilian consulting company for the chemical industry. Being founded in 1995, the company specializes in consulting and advisory services for organizations throughout the entire chemical and petrochemical value chain.

The company has been present in the main investment decision making and enterprise activities of the chemical industry in South America through its products and services, such as market research, competitiveness analysis, business planning, and corporate advisory services.

The Maxiquim differential comes from the dynamic, skilled approach of our team of consultants and executive partners, as well as the quality of the information system and methodology.

Zulay (Vann) Hankamer

Zulay has over 30 years of global business development experience and is adept in the analysis and formulation of market entry strategy and its implementation, including negotiations with key stakeholders. She has provided strategic advice on the monetization of crude oil and natural gas, including infrastructure development (refining, gas processing, pipelines and terminals) and access to suitable markets for resources located in the U.S., Mexico, Trinidad, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Central Africa, Iraq and India.

Key areas of expertise include Market analysis and strategy development for monetization of oil and gas, mid and downstream infrastructure development, petroleum refining and gas processing economics, international supply and trading of crude oil and petroleum products, and price risk management

Zulay holds a BS Chemical Engineering from Simon Bolivar University, Caracas, Venezuela. She has been based in the US through most of her career, while travelling extensively through the Americas and Europe, making her culturally diverse and multilingual. She is fluent in Spanish (native), English and Portuguese

Roger Green

Roger is a Chemical Engineer with over 35 years’ experience in the petrochemical industry, graduating from the University of Nottingham in the UK. With a background in process design having spent thirteen years with Kvaerner Process (formerly John Brown E&C), Roger has spent much of his career in industry consultancy as a market and technology consultant, leading teams in IHS Markit, CMAI, and previously Chem Systems, IBM and Nexant. 

Working with petrochemical companies from all major regions of the world Roger has a track record of successful project delivery across a range of petrochemical technologies and value chains with particular expertise in polymers, and the olefins chain. Roger delivers deep industry insight and has delivered buy-side and vendor due diligence support to chemical transactions across the entire valuation range (from technology start-ups to >$10bn). Roger has provided technical analysis and support for multibillion dollar project finance deals and supported mergers and acquisitions transactions in the petrochemical sector.

With deep technical and business analysis skills within the polymer and petrochemicals arena, Roger supports technology deployment and project realization.

Mary Blackburn

Mary Blackburn is a Trusted Advisor to the Global Chlor-alkali/Vinyls and petrochemical markets. With over 38 years of experience, she is a dynamic speaker and clearly articulates the subject matter to a variety of audiences, business cultures, and industries; including litigation support, financial & equity research. 

She has valued experience in bringing together market knowledge, energy and economic forecasts into a robust strategic analysis and forecast to help clients develop Global Business Strategies that support organic and new business growth through acquisition or capital investment.

Mary has a talent for building strong, long-term customer relationships and mentoring teams with a varied cultural background.

Marcos Segal​

Marcos is a recognized expert in the polymers and recycling industries as well as in the Circular Economy. With more than 40 years of industry experience, Marcos brings an in-depth understanding of the petrochemical industry, with particular emphasis on the olefins and polyolefins value chains.

Marcos acted as a board member in several polymer, renewable energy, cardboard and recycling companies in Chile, and is currently on the board of masterbatches and fishing companies in his native country. He is the president of the Circular Economy Committee of the Chilean Plastics Industry Association (ASIPLA) and participates in many activities related to the circular economy, including the Operational Committee of the Chilean Environmental Ministry and the Chilean chapter of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Plastic Pact. Marcos is also leading the establishment of the first industrial producer responsibility organization in Chile, PROREP.

Marcos holds a PHD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Göttingen and a post-doctoral fellowship in organic catalyst chemistry from the Weizmann Institute of Sciences.


ChemOrbis provides online market information services and trading tools for the plastics industry enabling buyers and sellers of polymer resins and plastics products track prices, manage volatility and connect to potential business partners around the world. Established in 2001, ChemOrbis covers all global markets driving polymer resin prices and hosts a global community of 130K professionals in 90K companies.

ChemOrbis provides a free trial and continued free access to plastics news (5 articles per week) after the free trial.

Sanjeev Kapur

Sanjeev Kapur is Principal Consultant & President at Apex PetroConsultants. He brings the value of strategic thinking, specific industry insights, knowledge and depth of experience for olefins based petrochemical businesses to develop, build and operate best-in-class facilities. Sanjeev has over 40 years of experience focused primarily on deploying process technologies that are essential for business success in the chemical industry. 

Sanjeev is a recognized industry expert in light olefins and provides independent advice and impartial analysis to deliver value to the businesses. He helps petrochemical businesses to realize their full potential by managing technical complexity and risk profile in a competitive and cyclical business environment.

He has been involved with over 20 major olefins-based (both grassroot and expansion) projects in all regions of the world and based on feedstock ranging from ethane to heavy hydrocarbons. His experience includes multiple olefins based integrated complexes (refining, NGL separation, cracker, aromatics, polyolefins and derivatives) and has advised clients on the economical choices and approaches to achieve efficient and reliable operation of the integrated facilities.

Sanjeev helps clients to identify and set direction for opportunities (for new or existing assets) towards key goals and long-term objectives. He works together with owner teams to turn these ambitious goals and objectives into reality. For additional information, please visit Apex PetroConsultants website.

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Free Report: What Drives Polymer Prices?

Gain a better understanding of the polymer business and prepare for the next round of volatility that will inevitably impact the polymer industry in the future.

Polymers (also known as plastics) are one of humanity’s most important materials. These products touch almost every aspect of our lives. The computer you may be using to read this article, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the home you live in and the food you eat, are all are made of, have components that are made of, or are protected by packages that are made with… Yes, you guessed it, plastics.
However, the market dynamics of these ubiquitous materials are extremely hard to understand.  Why are polymer prices so volatile? What drives the rapid increases or reductions in prices? What can you do to understand those dynamics?
This report, based on ChemPMC’s Commodity Polymers Training Program, reviews the key drivers that impact the evolution of polymer prices and analyzes what dynamics have impacted prices during the initial months of the COVID pandemic.